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Enjoy Writing Task in Group Work.      Being an EFL teacher for more than 18 years, creative writing is always a daunting task for me. Above this Arab oral cultural adds fuel to the fire. Therefore, the writing techniques and activities are always my aria of interest. I usually share my ideas with my colleagues at YIC and discuss with them the devise some frame work to guide our learners towards better writing technique.
     During the second semester 2016 I tried various writing techniques to guide my learners towards better and comprehensive writing. I have started the writing tasks with group work and then I moved on to pair work and finally my students have to accomplish the task individually. In this semester, I would like to arrange steps through which my students can organize the writing task initially and later own fulfill it using the target vocabulary. I really found it very helpful and convincing. I plan few steps to guide my students.  They steps are as under: 1.Draw the cle…
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Writing Process in ENG 001

Writing Process in ENG 001 

            The writing task is always a challenge for an EFL teacher because the EFL learners, in general, find it very challenging and time consuming as well. Recently I tried to find a solution for this problem. I have to devise a writing task to meet the learning out of the lesson in which students have to write a paragraph about what makes them laugh. I try these steps and ultimately we are able to write a good paragraph on the given ILO.  

STEP 1: Mind Mapping STEP 2: Card for Students STEP 3: Topic Sentence STEP 4: Supporting Sentences STEP 5: Concluding  Sentences STEP 6: Post it online

Student's Agency and Self-Efficacy

Student's Agency and Self-Efficacy
Agency or self-efficacy or we may call it self-concept; they are not novice in the field of pedagogy. 100 years ago there were experiments in Winnetka, Illinois, USA on mastery based learningand they saw great results, but they wouldn't able to scale it because it was logistically difficult. The teacher had to provide different worksheets to every student,based on-demand assessments to carter the need of every learner.

Now a day, after the easy access of modern gadgets and internet, if the teacher is depriving a learner from mastering the concept and not exercises his agency, I believe the teaching community is committing heinous crime. This is all based on the idea that if we let our learners tap into their potential by mastering concepts, by being on the idea to exercise agency over their learning.
Being an ESL Teacher for past 18 years, I reached to the hypotheses that the students best learn when the play with the target language on their o…


PRESENTATION IN KSAALT 2016 DAMMAM 9th Annual KSAALT TESOL Confrence KSAALT9th Annual Conference Back to the Future: ELT in the 21st Century Saturday, May 7, 2016

Nasir Khalid Abbasi: Zahid Muzaffar Khan

ERP Coordinator, ELCY, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Topic: Extensive Reading (ER) in an EFL Program: Student Perceptions, Limitation and Future Directions

The digital natives of 21 century are struggling predominantly in reading skill and they are facing a lot of challenges. To handle these challenges, the ELCY Management at Yanbu assigns the ERP (Extensive Reading Project) Team a daunting task to launch ER project at FYP. On the one hand, the ERP promotes autonomous learning in our students, on the other hand, the students are acquiring a lifelong reading skill that will continuously improve them both academically and intellectually. We believe, instead of responding to only immediate problems they encounter, the ERP can consolidate their knowledge of vocabulary, fluency, and reading strate…

ERP at YUC Fair 2016

ERP made another distinction by representing ELI at YUC Fair 2016. The ERP team along with its out standing students established four stalls. These stalls included English Language Club, Toastmaster Club, Writing Club and ERP. Mr. Nasir Abbasi was the team leader and organizer in the Fair. Following students participated in the Fair and represent various clubs and centers.  3500138-     Emad Al-Ghamdi
3600993-      YahyaGamal
3600778 -     Ahmed Saaid
3600554-      HmoudAl-Zahrani
312126       MojahidKhojah
322028       Youssef Ismail YoussefMoathen
331506       AdhamShamoun
331413       AbdulrahmanYahyaHawsaw
332071       Mohammed Nawaf Mohammed

Extensive Reading Project (ERP) is in News

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Attachments area Preview YouTube video 2016 RCYCI MARCH 2 MINUTE ARABIC NEWS 2016 RCYCI MARCH 2 MINUTE ARABIC NEWS

Dear All,​ Please find below the web links for the February 2016 edition of the '2 minute Campus News video’ in Arabic and English. The news capsule highlights noteworthy news and events of the Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges & Institutes (RCYCI)​. Please click on the links below to view:​ 
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